8 Ways To Increase Your Mental Performance

mental performance

Having difficulty in understanding the lecture or want to make your mind sharp and alert. Here are some tips that will help you increase your mental performance


Exercising makes our heart pumps more, transferring more blood to your brain, thus oxidizing our brain, which makes our brain power expand and gets more energy.

Eating Well

As long as our brain is not healthy our brain power cannot increase. In order to increase our mental performance mind and body should be in a healthy state. So, for that, the breakfast should be healthy enough containing protein-rich contents like oats, cheese, eggs, almonds because proteins increase the production of neurotransmitters, norepinephrine, and dopamine which help alertness and problem-solving skills to boost. A meal should also contain rich content of Vitamin B which helps as a power supplement for your body. Moreover, natural supplements like caffeine and creatine also increase your mental performance. The right amount of these will help you grow your brain. Lastly, avoid Junk foods as it contains unnecessary fats which are harmful to our mind and body.

Expanding  Your Imagination

Reading new novels help in expanding our imagination. By imagining new things it helps our brain to imagine things which we haven’t seen, but by expanding imagination we reach there. Likewise, innovations are mostly based on information and imagination which are turned to reality later on.

Quality Sleep

Like our body, our brain also gets tired at the end of the day. To recover our brain and body we need quality sleep of at least 8 hours to complete the REM( Rapid Eye Movement). Our brain gets slower and less productive when we don’t sleep, so in order to a fully efficient mental performance, we should aim for quality sleep.

Changing The Order

Most of the daily routines chores we do require little or no attention at all and our brain does this so well that it feels it’s doing automatically. Like brushing with the right hand or wearing that right shoe first. By reversing the order, our mind gets discomfort and therefore it gets alert. The greater our mind gets alert the more it gets active, hence increasing your overall intelligence. Change this order when the mind gets used to it too.


The more we communicate the more we get engaged to the people. When we communicate with a friend or your siblings, we simply detach our self from technology and just live in that moment. Listening to a conversation, understanding it and replying it with a piece of relevant information boost your listening and speaking power.


Our body is made up of almost 75% water. To make it function fully it must be hydrated all the time. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glass of water each day.A hydrated mind improves your mental performance more than a dehydrated one. Moreover, lukewarm lemon waters in the morning every day helps our body from immune system deficiencies.  It also helps in maintain the Ph balance of the body.

Playing Mind Games

Playing mind games do not only improve your memory but, it helps in numerous ways like enhancing your reaction time and increasing your concentration level. The more understanding of the things you have, the better you can strategize in the game thus, boosting your mental performance overall.